If you would like to suggest any other movies, shows, documentaries, or games, then please get in touch! For now, I am not including books or written media on this site.

This site is dedicated to FTM, transmasculine, and AFAB non-binary media. Please do not send in recommendations that do not fit these categories, or request that this site broaden its focus. This is a space for trans men (predominantly), as well as transmasculine people and AFAB non-binary people.

Please respect the history and diversity of transsexual men, and do not send in hate mail requesting that this site erase transsexual journeys and identities. If you do not identify as transsexual, that is totally fine. But I do, and so do many FTM elders. I will not remove the term "transsexual" from this site.

Generally, I would love to hear what you think of this site, and if this collection has helped you find media that you relate to!

Thanks for submitting!